A Leading Manufacturer Of Kitchen Cabinets In Nairobi, Kenya

Have you been planning to build your dream kitchen? You do not need to wait anymore. Visit Newline’s showroom in Nairobi, have a sit down with their designers and let them help you bring your dream to reality… FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING A KITCHEN Before selecting a kitchen, there are important things to be […]

Buy Office Furniture in Nairobi: Why Using the Right Furniture is Important

Using the right furniture in the office is important not because it looks good when customers walk in but for for reasons such as being comfortable and accessible for your employees and customers. People like walking into an office that is clean, neat, orderly and that has an attractive and comfortable look. Another reason why […]

Nairobi-Based Office Furniture Supplier Newline Helps You Upgrade Your Home Office

Your home office should inspire your productivity. Unfortunately, some people working from home neglect to create an environment that facilitates productivity. Now that most offices around Kenya have their employees working from home, it’s up to everyone to figure out how they can do their best work. Rather than struggling from cluttered desks to uncomfortable chairs, it’s […]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Office Chairs in Kenya

Why Is a Good Chair Important? A chair that is not comfortable will make you miserable. If the chair causes your back to go out, neck to hurt, or head to slump forward, then it will impact your productivity and quality of life. Sitting in an office all day can be demanding on your body. […]